His Heart, My Heart – Devotional Transformation – this is the foundational tool for establishing a biblical devotional life.  It is the critical skill every disciple must be taught.  While the importance of the devotional life can be caught the practice of it must be taught.  This book sets forth an explanation of the structure of Matthew 6:9-13 as the key text for the devotional life.  Chapter one shows how it is that prayer is the devotional life. Chapter two covers my own devotional journey and now 47 year walk through the stages of discipleship.  After the introduction and these two chapters there are 40 devotionals that daily walk you through Matthew 6:5-15, word by word and phrase by phrase, in order to develop a biblical devotional life. Towards the end of the devotional you will practice moving through God’s Word using the book of Ephesians paragraph by paragraph.  Then you will have several days that are designed to launch you on your way to practicing the devotional life without a guide or devotional.  There are three appendixes at the end of this book. The first is on the Names of God which is to be used in the Honoring His Name and Worship of God in your devotional life. The second one is the seven-week transformational one-on-one or small group guided discussion that is designed to be the foundation for further discipleship. The final one addresses how to read and study God’s Word in your devotional life.

Shepherd Leadership – Biblical Transformation – how to take a believer through all the stages of discipleship as a shepherd leader.  (Coming Soon)

“A Dichotomist View of Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Growth”  – this is a free resource that explains the transformational process from a biblical perspective.  I delivered this article at the November 2015 Evangelical Theological Society Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.  See the link to the article in the Luther Rice Journal of Christian Studies, Vol. 2,  Spring 2017 link on the resource page or here: Open Journal to page 106

“Learning Parenting Skills Through Discipleship” – It is not by accident that Scriptures use parenting terms to explain the discipleship process.  Even gifted leaders whom God raises up to lead local congregations of believers must be good leaders in their own homes and with their own family to be qualified to lead the church.  In this article that appears in the D6 Family Ministry Journal, Vol. 1, 2016, I explain five of the eight skills every discipler and parent needs to parent and disciple others.  In my Shepherd Leadership at Home: Learning Parenting Skills Through Discipleship OR Launching Your Kids for Life Seminar I address all eight skills: Prayer, Vision, Influence, Model, Lead, Communicate, Truth and Discipline.

If you want to take a look, you can get the Journal here:D6 Family Ministry Journal, Vol. 1, 2016

Team Huddles – this is a basic discipleship tool for teenagers and especially for those who are athletes.  It is also a strategy for reaching junior and senior high school students for Christ.  This book contains my 12 motivational talks that have been used by coaches, adults, and even students to motivate teams to action.  Each talk is designed to present truth in a secular setting using unforgettable athletic stories that leave students thirsting for more.  There is a corresponding Time Out section at the end of each talk that takes the talk’s principle and explains it from the Scriptures.  Each Time Out builds upon the previous one and together they are 12 basic discipleship sessions.

I wrote this book while working with Student Venture back in 2000 and it is still available today.

This book is available from Cross Training PublishingTeam Huddles from Cross Training Publishing

How to Create a Transformational Discipleship Discussion Guide that Follows your Pastor’s Sermons (Coming Soon)

I John Transformational Discipleship Discussion Guide (Coming Soon)

Ephesians Transformational Discipleship Discussion Guide (Coming Soon)

James Transformational Discipleship Discussion Guide (Coming Soon)

I Peter Transformational Discipleship Discussion Guide (Coming Soon)

Romans Transformational Discipleship Discussion Guide (Coming Soon)