Transformational Strategy

Small Group Ministry is the cornerstone for seeing biblical transformation take place in a disciple’s life.  Unfortunately many churches with small groups are not seeing this transformation and some have discontinued them.  Too often a small group ministry has actually defined itself out of sustainable and lasting transformation.  In this case small groups may have been seen as places for new people to connect with others, feel a part of the local body of Christ, come together for prayer, be a place for going deeper into God’s Word or meet a critical need that is slowing, stopping, or declining biblical transformation: addictions, grief, divorce, or a number of other areas.  Each of these areas need to be addressed when they arise among believers today but if they need separate small groups every time they arise, who has the time to be involved in so many groups!  What if you developed your small group ministry so all of these things could happen in a disciple’s life in one small group that also equipped them to make disciples who made disciples?  What if a believer could stay in one small group all the way through the stages of discipleship from New Disciple to Multiplying Disciple?  Wouldn’t that simplify the entire transformational process?  Here is how this can be done:

First,  schedule a Devotional Transformation Seminar for everyone and then take part in a small group for seven weeks that walks through the His Heart, My Heart – Devotional Transformation.   As each person learns the devotional life through the daily devotions on Matthew 6:5-13, they will also meet once a week as a small group using the guided discussions in the appendix of this training devotional.   These are designed to help each person develop a biblical and daily foundation for transformation.

Before reaching the end of the seven week small group experience your emerging leaders and ministry leaders should attend the Transformational Training Seminar and read the book entitled, A Cry from the Heart – Biblical Transformation – how to take a believer through all the stages of discipleship as a shepherd leader.  By attending this seminar and working through this book your leaders will see the whole picture of the transformational process of discipleship, discover how to identify where a disciple is in the stages of discipleship, develop biblical lessons using the actual books of the bible that target the current stage of discipleship, and lead a small group family and each believer in it towards sustainable and lasting transformation.