Transformational Shepherd Leadership Seminar

Transformational Training for leaders and emerging leaders focuses on the skills needed to develop and sustain biblical transformation as shepherd leaders.  This seminar can be done over one or two days. Topics include:

Imagine – this session presents the fulfillment of the requests envisioned in Matthew 6:9-13 and forms the motivation for living for God here and now.

Stages of Discipleship – Paul’s discipleship of Timothy, compared with Jesus’ discipleship of the twelve, is presented as a basis for the process of biblical transformation.  This session also identifies the Discipleship Training Objectives that arise from the stage of discipleship the audience is at in each of Paul’s letters.

Vital Signs – Just like there are signs of physical life so are there signs of spiritual life.  This session
addresses how Barnabas knew that Saul (Paul) was indeed a believer and knew it was safe to bring him into the very leadership heartbeat of the early church without threatening the early church’s existence.  There is a focus in this session on Galatians 4:6 where prayer as the devotional life is prompted by the Holy Spirit as a key sign of spiritual life for new disciples.

Prayer as the Devotional Life – Prayer is the only spiritual discipline the disciples every ask Jesus to
teach them (Luke 11:1-3).  This session focuses upon the practice of the devotional life as taught by Jesus in Matthew 6:5-15.  Throughout church history this prayer has been central to discipleship and spiritual growth.  Although three different poetic structures for Matthew 6:9-13 have been presented over the last two thousand years, there is only one that makes clear sense of the priority of prayer as the devotional life.  Since structure determines meaning, this session is key to the spiritual vitality, biblical practice of the devotional life and consistent transformation of believers.

Transformed by Truth Workshops – each workshop builds upon the previous one and involves interactive practice of transformational skills.

Workshop #1 – Communication to Relationship to Truth Receptivity – this session shows the
vital relationship between these three activities.  Today people and especially youth and young adults lack communication skills to build relationships that leads to truth being trusted and practiced.

Workshop #2 – Accurately Handling Truth – this session focuses upon observing, interpreting,
and applying God’s Word.  This skill involves learning that once the author makes a statement (topic or subject) there are only three things he can do to develop his thought (explain it, prove it, or apply it).  This leads to being able to state the “Author’s Big Idea” in “there and then” terms first before rushing to apply the text today.   Next, the degree of transfer to us today is explored and then this is written as the “Big Idea Today” in “here and now” terms.   Only now can the Word accurately be practiced in its intended applicational context.

Workshop #3 – A.D.D. Value to Your Conversations and Connections – this session explores how to use questions the text actually addresses (based upon the Big Idea) to get disciples to discover the truth of the passage which promotes greater transformational traction.  The acrostic A.D.D. is used to train others to write good one-on-one and small group leader guides for biblical passages for discipleship and transformation.

The Transformational Growth Process – this final session addresses the biblical transformational process using Paul’s, John’s, and Peter’s spiritual growth paradigms.  Here the continuing discipleship process through all the stages of discipleship is addressed for on-going transformation using your trained leaders.