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A Transformation Cohort can be just you and me or 10-12 people and me.  Each Cohort begins with falling in love with God and using the His Heart, My Heart – Devotional Transformation book.  Over the next seven weeks you will work through this book and meet once a week either locally or on-line (Using Google Hangouts) to discuss the key principles and apply them.  Every believer needs to re-tool or re-boot his or her Devotional Life with God.  While the importance of the Devotional Life can be caught, the practice of it must be taught.   Think back to how you learned the Devotional Life?  Did someone teach you how to do it or did you just invent your practice of it?

At the end of the seven weeks you will evaluate your time in the Cohort and decide if you want to continue on for 12 more weeks where we cover Transformational Shepherd Leadership.  During these 12 weeks you will learn to think like a Shepherd Leader, identify where a disciple is in the discipleship process, develop discipleship plans, become skilled at using Bible books to disciple believers through all the stages of discipleship, and learn the art of leading others in small groups and one-on-one.

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