Devotional Transformation Seminar


Sessions Include:

Imagine – this session addresses the fulfillment of the Matthew 6:9-13 prayer for an eternal perspective.
A Cry from the Heart – this session introduces you to the devotional life as initated by God
Call Him Father – calling God Father is addressed in light of the influence of one’s earthly father
Honor His Name and trusting Him to Provide – here the New Disciple’s Devotional Life is examined
Reign! Lord, Reign and confessing sin to be forgiven – here the Growing Disciple’s Devotional Life is examined
Your Will be done and depending  on His power for deliverance – here the Mature Disciple’s Devotional Life is covered.
Intercessory Prayer – the use of the plurals in the model prayer is addressed and practically explained
Staying on Mission – this session is story packed showing the role of the devotional life in the discipleship process.