Shepherd Leadership

God is seeking to raise up Shepherd Leaders who are skilled in providing, protecting and guiding God’s people (cf. Jeremiah 3:15).  These leaders are characterized as having a heart after God’s heart.  They will also feed the flock of God with knowledge and understanding.  Shepherd Leadership begins in the home.  Parenting is a great place to develop the skills needed to lead.  In fact, God often uses parenting terms to describe the discipleship process.  Shepherd Leaders are also skilled as disciplers who can lead others through all the stages of discipleship.  You can actually learn parenting skills through discipleship.  In the same way, you can develop discipling skills through parenting.

The seminars and consulting opportunities in this section are designed for current leaders and emerging leaders.  The Transformational Shepherd Leadership Seminar is specifically for those who want to acquire discipleship skills to be a Shepherd Leader who can lead believers through all the stages of discipleship using transformative lesson plans that go paragraph by paragraph through the biblical books that target the current stage of discipleship of the believer or believers you are discipling.  See the Transformation Shepherd Leadership Seminar for the sessions offered.

As you develop Shepherd Leaders you may have questions and need some extra training, you can get additional help on-site or live on-line.  See Church Discipleship Consultation options for this.

Parents are unaware that discipleship skills can be learned through practicing parenting skills.  My article on “Learning Parenting Skills Through Discipleship” can be found in the March 1, 2016, D6 Family Ministry Journal.  In this article I briefly discuss five of the seven parenting skills that are also used in discipleship.  The seminar, “Shepherd Leadership in the Home – learning parenting skills through discipleship or launching your kids for life” is a highly interactive training seminar with videos, discussion, role plays, and learning activities to keep everyone involved.  Check this seminar out in this section.