Team Huddles


This book shows you how students and adults can reach and disciple teenagers for Christ.  These 12 motivational talks uses true and amazing athlete stories to salt student’s interest in principles that are foundational for life and sports.  While the talks are all designed for a secular audience, they are expressions of lasting truth.  After each talk is a Time Out section that makes the final connection between the points in the talk and biblical truth from God’s Word.  The 12 Time Outs are 12 basic discipleship sessions that build upon each other.

These talks and Time Outs have been used for decades now by students, youth workers, and coaches.  As a result hundreds of students have come to faith in Christ and begun the process of transformation through discipleship.  This is a great tool and resource for youth to take to other youth.  Check it out at Cross Training Publishing:  Team Huddles from Cross Training Publishing