“A Dichotomist View of Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Growth”

At the November 2015 Evangelical Theological Society meetings in Atlanta, Georgia I presented this paper addressing the biblical transformational process using words and diagrams.  This article is foundational to understanding biblical transformational paradigms as presented in Scripture by Paul, John and Peter.  While this paper focuses upon Paul’s Spiritual Growth Paradigm it would be extremely helpful to be familiar with this before holding a Shepherd Leadership Transformational Training Seminar.

This peer-reviewed article is available for free from the Luther Rice website.  Just click on this link: Open Journal  After opening the journal you should go to the Table of Contents page and click on my article which will take you to page 106.  You will be able to read it there and download it too.  I would highly suggest that you also ask me for my free one page summary of the Biblical Transformation Process from the Contact section here on this website.