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This worldwide ministry is already transforming pastors, church leaders, and churches by addressing these questions:

  • How do you create and lead Transformational Communities?
  • How do you make every believer a leader and every leader a Shepherd Leader?
  • What is a Shepherd Leader’s Highest Priority?
    • Every believer needs a Devotional Transformation
    • Shepherd Leaders Must Love Jesus to be Entrusted with God’s Flock
  • Why Do We Need Each Other?
    • We are Designed for Community
    • We Grow in Community
    • We Serve God as a Community
  • How Do You A.D.D. Transformational Value to Your Conversations?
    • How to Lead a Discussion with Three Questions
    • Develop an A.D.D. Lesson
  • How Do You Increase Transformation Through Discussions?
  • Why Do We Need Shepherd Leaders to Lead us Through all the Stages of Discipleship?
    • Biblical Leadership is Shepherd Leadership
    • What Shepherd Leaders Know About God’s Flock
      • How to know a believer’s Stage of Discipleship
      • What a believer needs at each Stage of Discipleship
    • Discover the Stages of Discipleship
      • Learn how the Apostle John taught the Stages
      • Discover how Paul took Timothy through all the Stages of Discipleship
      • Know what Bible books to use for each Stage of Discipleship
      • How to walk believer’s through what they need

You can select any combination of delivery platforms:

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • On-Line Coaching
  • Live Training Discussions
  • Nugget Training Videos with PowerPoint
  • On-Line Training
  • Devotional Transformation Training Seminar
  • Transformational Shepherd Leadership Training Seminar

Are you looking to develop trained shepherd leaders for your small group communities?  Do you want personal shepherd leadership development for your home, church, or workplace?  Are you interested in courses, interactive seminars or live (local or on-line) interaction or even a transformation cohort?  You can find it all right here.  Ready to get started?  I’m just waiting to hear from you!

While you are waiting to hear from me you can begin by reading the rest of this page.  Interested in more about Transformation?  Simply click on the highlighted link in the next heading below.

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What is Transformation?

Have you ever wanted to see real positive changes in your life?  Have you wanted to see others transformed into daily reflecting God’s image in their own lives, homes, church, community and other cultures around the world? Transformation begins with a heart that is God’s and continues to be transformed into His likeness through the stages of discipleship in order to make disciples who make disciples.  His Heart, My Heart Transformations exists to help you do this.

We should all be concerned today about “transformation.”  Unfortunately this term continues to be used in less than biblical ways.  As a result, true biblical transformation is a rare occurrence in a believer’s life, our churches, and our culture.  I recently heard that only 50% of those attending church are confident that they have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  This is troubling since knowing that you have eternal life is foundational to the entire transformational process (I John 5:13).  I was also recently informed that only 1% of all churches are reproducing and that 200 churches are closing their doors each week!  This is hard for me to believe, but I have filled the pulpit of some of these and have heard their stories.  However, there are at least as many new churches starting as closing.  But my concern is whether we are just shifting the saints around and failing to see transformation take place.

So how can this trend be turned around?  How can lives and churches be revived?  Perhaps it isn’t as difficult as you might think.  For the last 47 years I have been involved in full-time ministry. I have even taught Discipleship and Biblical Leadership at a graduate level.  I have seen the lives of men and women completely turned around in a very short time through simply re-learning how to spend time with God.  And I have seen the results of having trained shepherd leaders who have the skills to walk a believer through all the stages of discipleship bring these believers to the place where they make disciples who make disciples.

Here is the basic strategy of His Heart, My Heart Transformations.  First, while a believer can catch the importance of spending time with God, they must be taught it to be able to do it (Luke 11:1-4). In the pages of my website you will want to start with Devotional Transformation.  This is the heart of the entire process.  Second, every believer needs a trained shepherd leader to guide him or her through all the stages of discipleship.  This is how biblical transformation happens.  In the Shepherd Leadership section you will find the Transformational Training Seminar.  This is the key training seminar for leaders and emerging leaders.

Finally, there are a variety of other ways I can help you too.  First, shepherd leadership begins in the home.  Every parent needs to be a shepherd leader with their own children.  Since parenting and discipleship make use of the same terms it is important for parents to learn parenting skills through discipleship and learn to disciple through parenting.  This seminar explores eight key parenting and discipling skills.

Second, learning Trinitarian Team Dynamics as a team of shepherd leaders can not only bring your leaders together but move them together towards your common goal.  You will want to see this in the Shepherd Leadership section under consulting.

There are a number of resources that I have used for years and only just now started to make them available for a wider audience.  You will find these in the Transformation Resources section.

Making disciples who make disciples worldwide can be a reality where you are now and around the world.  Please take the time to view what is here and pray.

I look forward to serving you.


Dr. Michael Parrott, D.Min.
Founder and Global Shepherd Leader